Quality Systems
Whilst many suppliers have ISO 9001:2000, in it’s many versions, are working hard to meet RoHS and WEEE compliance for Europe; Six Sigma, JIT, Lean,  etc., and other systems in place, the reality is that the systems are used more as a marketing tool and generally fails in practice because the manufacturers still don’t understand these systems and are reluctant to wholeheartedly follow them. They are still in the process of evolving and learning.
With our solid background in “hands on” manufacturing processes, our services ensure that regardless of the type of systems a factory has in place, the goods they supply are “fit for purpose”. Our aim has, is and will always be, to ensure no harm comes to anyone using products inspected by us even though we are using sampling inspections.
Our reports are clear but comprehensive and our Clients all compliment us on them. Detailed record keeping of our inspections is almost unbeatable, and in nearly all cases we can trace our own inspected samples. If there is a failure found in a Client’s  own incoming inspection, we would be able to give full details of what we found when we were carrying out inspections. No short cuts are taken in any way, shape or form.
Our Commitment
Is to safety, quality and good value. We work with our clients both small and large and their suppliers to improve quality on a gradual basis until the vendors come to understand the “McRink” standards of Quality; which in essence are the Clients requirements translated into workable methods. We try hard to educate our suppliers so that eventually they end up using good manufacturing processes without the eternal cry that “Quality costs” !!
Our Aims
We are a company who offer a personalised service and are totally committed to all our clients from the smallest “new comer” to the Asian market to the large established Clients who have full QA/Engineering teams. We work with both our “new comer” and our established clients, helping them to get bigger, improve their brand image and do our best to help reduce returns; this makes them valuable acquisition targets. 
What’s in it for us?
Because we have no sales and marketing teams almost all our clients ensure that we get referrals, and when a Quality Director leaves a company, they will do their utmost to try to ensure we join their new team. We all win. 
We are also in a niche market, in that we only do inspections. If our Clients need to have lab work done, we select the samples from the factories and deliver them to those laboratories which are best suited for the type of testing required, these labs are HOKLAS approved. (Approved by the Hong Kong Government), it keeps our overheads low and makes us cost efficient. Our Clients don’t have to pay for us to maintain expensive equipment and even more expensive personnel to operate them.
The Asian Desk
Many buyers of products manufactured in the Far East find that it is too expensive to maintain a full-time office, or fly their executives over to trouble shoot projects or progress orders. Yet they need closer contact with their suppliers.
McRink can supply staff and expertise to interact with vendors and clients to help resolve some of these issues. We can operate as your company's Asian base, assigning an employee to administer the clients needs.
As the client's representative, we will act as liaison with the vendor, particularly in translating your requirements clearly so the vendor understands your precise needs. Clients are assured of strict confidentiality.
The inspection certificate is issued to the vendor if the product meets the Product Performance Specification; and it can form an integral part of L/C documentation procedures that enables them to be paid by the Bank. Should there be queries regarding the "buy off" we will revert, however, an e-mailed report forms part of the procedures to enable your Corporation to keep abreast of all information.

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