Pilot Runs
Ensure that the product can still meet any Approval Board requirements and its product performance specification whilst being made in the manufacturing environment. This stage allows sufficient time to ensure that safety, performance and good manufacturing processes can be used to produce a saleable item. McRink will agree with the client that a sample size taken from the run is tested and inspected against the clients Quality and Engineering specifications.
In-Process Inspection
Product inspection during the manufacturing process, ensures that quality is being built into the units. This covers not only workmanship, but also material, equipment, and assembly processes.
Any anomalies are discussed with the manufacturer to assist in trying to eliminate end of the line defects.
Final Random Inspection
Is where a sample is drawn from the finished product according to internationally recognised sampling plans i.e. ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003(superseded MIL-STD-105E)/BS6001. The Sample is then inspected and tested in accordance with the clients' quality instructions.
McRink, upon completion of the audit give a draft copy of the inspection report to the manufacturers Quality Assurance representative. Should the vendor raise any objections, then these are logged in the report. Faxed and official copies of the report are sent to the client and vendor.
Consultancy Service
Vendor assessments are carried out at the request of the clients to ensure that a specific vendor has all the systems in place to manufacture the product according to the clients' requirements, whatever these are, or any special process as requested by the client, together with a recommendation as to what additional work may be required to bring them up to the necessary standards.

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