Fast, Flexible, Efficent and Most Competitive
McRINK Surveyors Co. Ltd., was incorporated in March 1966, and has remained small, fast, efficient and flexible in meeting our clients' needs.
Although a number of South East Asian countries are covered by our services, we concentrate on China where most manufacturing is done.
Our logistics in managing inspections can seldom be beaten, and our prices are the most competitive and stable in the market place.
A single layer of management allows clients immediate access to any information and queries they may have about products being inspected.
We remain the "eyes and ears" of our clients advising them of any potential problems that may occur with vendors. We retain a good working relationship with the vendors, without jeopardising our impartial assessment of inspections.
It is our philosophy to assist the vendors to produce a better product for our client rather than policing their actions.
Our unique methods of controlling the inspections and their outcome ensures that no collusion or corruption can take place.
All inspected units are identified with our sealed tape and the client is able to check the contents to assure themselves of the accuracy of our work.
And you will soon be able to access your reports at anytime online through this website.

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